Time is everything. Use yours better.

Consider what makes your company unique. Chances are, the list doesn't start with backend infrastructure.

Picard is a powerful, scalable backend designed for the specific needs of digital health and connected device startups. That means we're a little leaner. A little faster. Better suited to the needs of your company right now.


The underlying framework of Picard is fundamentally faster and more powerful than that of other BaaS products. If your current or future infrastructure needs go beyond simple mobile apps, the benefits of Picard become quickly apparent.

The first generation of BaaS and mBaaS products were designed to support mobile apps with limited data demands. The next generation of backend infrastructure must be ready to handle complex data problems and perform machine learning tasks—a set of needs much better suited to Python and Flask, the framework on which Picard is built.


Grow with Picard

Picard is designed to scale and grow according to your data science and analytics needs today and in the future. Think of it as infrastructure for your entire business, not just your apps. As your team and software needs develop, the infrastructure you build with Picard can be branched and brought in-house, giving you ultimate control.


Secure Everything

Picard provides the ultimate in data and user security. Powerful encryption and constant monitoring ensure that your team and your data can be HIPAA-compliant and audit-ready at all times.


Bring it together

Picard is a true data aggregator, bringing together proprietary data streams and third-party APIs. Picard's core admin console provides an interface into those aggregated data sources, enabling technical teams to build apps, dashboards, analytics, and other business-driving properties on top of your complete data store.


Let's Go

Want to learn more about how or why Picard is faster and more powerful than anything else available? Contact us to speak with our chief scientist and see if Picard is the right solution.